Altered Conscience

Altered Conscience

Living a predestined life and doing everything possible to pull away from the fabric of that life’s origin. Altered Conscience exemplifies the life of a young person with a specific calling on their life and having to deal with the pressures that this world presents to a person with limitations on their life. This book shows life from the perspective of a young person who is lost and is trying to find his way back home. You will see behavioral inconsistency, fragmented relationships, strong opinions and ideals, all while striving to be Christlike.

The beauty of Altered Conscience lies in the fact of a person being able to keep their heart on Christ while suffering through the growth and development stages as a young person in Christ. As a person born into the Christian faith, if you have ever found yourself in a dark place searching for a lifeline and looking for your brighter tomorrow, Altered Conscience will bring you words of encouragement, hopeful expectations, and an illumination to your path!

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43 thoughts on “Altered Conscience”

  1. Matthew Sheehan

    This is a phenomenal book! It forces it’s reader to not only relate to Reginald, but to really reflect on their own lives and come to terms with themselves. I finished this book in just a few short days as I couldn’t put it down. It’s a great read for anybody, but I really think it would greatly beneficial to young adults who are transitioning from adolescence into adulthood. It helped me reflect on who I am as an individual and grow into the next phase of my life.

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